Stan Kellner Mental Basketball Cybernetics

Using the power of your mind to improve your shot

Basketball coach Stan Kellner developed a mental training system for shooting that emphasized visualization and repetition.

He named it the Ultimate Shooting Method and it was a part of his Basketball Cybernetics program.

The simple definition of Cybernetics is “a computer system”.

And Kellner applied it to basketball shooting in a way to help players with their visualization and self-talk.

The ultimate end goal is increased effectiveness and a boost in confidence.

Kellner explained it this way:

The subconscious is a very reliable, robot-like device that activates your body to do all kinds of automatic actions…like shooting a basketball.

It’s your subconscious that is literally your habit-maker.

The subconscious cannot tell the difference between a real experience or a vividly imagined one.

This means if you will mentally picture a shot cleanly dropping into the basket enough times, and attach a feeling to the image of the ball dropping in, as far a your subconscious is concerned, it is experiencing a real basket.

This offers you an opportunity to score hundreds of baskets each day in the “movie of your mind”.

This is next-level stuff and every serious player and coach will incorporate this into their training.

Mr. Kellner passed away in 2011, but this “mind technology” will remain an integral part of prime-time shooters forever.