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Warm Up Shooting Drills

Start close to the basket and move out gradually

Before you start to shoot, your first practice shots should be right under the basket.

Stand in front of the rim and gently shoot the ball up and over the rim.

This does 3 things:

  1. When you are close to the basket you can concentrate on using your proper shooting form.
  2. You get into a good shooting rhythm.
  3. You get used to seeing the ball go into the basket, which gives you more confidence to shoot when you start to move further out.

If you come out shooting 20-footers, your form might be a little “choppy” and you might start clanking shots off the rim. You’ll start second-guessing your form, and you’ll be used to seeing your shots bounce off the rim.

So start out right under the basket, and move around the front of the rim. After a couple of minutes of this, move back a couple of steps and do the same thing. Then gradually move farther out.

This way, you’ll have your shooting form in gear, you’ll be used to seeing the ball go into the basket, and you‘ll have more confidence when you start to play.

Here’s a Tip: On days you have a game, try to get to the court a little early so you can do this by yourself. That way, you can get into a good rhythm before your team comes out to do warm-ups. If you are at an away game, this might be hard to do, but you can still do the Floor Shooting Drill to get into a rhythm.

This drill is from the book Basketball Shooting Fundamentals: Special drills and mental training to reinforce great shooting habits.

For other examples of how to warm up here are a couple of great videos.

The first one is a simple shooting drill to reinforce your mechanics.  It’s perfect for a warm-up drill.

From Phil Handy, Assistant Coach of the LA Lakers.
Source: ILoveBasketballTV

This one helps you reinforce good shooting form and let’s you get used to seeing the ball go into the basket over and over.

This drill is brought to you by  Khurram Sultan.