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Spot Shot Golf Shooting Drill

Get good at hitting shots all over the floor

This drill is designed to develop your shooting skills from varying distances and angles.

It can also help you develop good shots off the pass, shots off the dribble, and catch-and- pivot shots (see below).

It’s played just like golf – the lower your score, the better.

How to play:

Pick various spots on the court. You can use cones or other items to mark each spot.

You can only move to the next position after you have made a shot from the current spot.

Keep track of how many shots it takes you to finish the “course.”

Try to beat your previous score every time you play.

You can do different versions of this drill:

  • All jump shots

  • All shots off the dribble (at each spot, you must dribble before shooting)

  • All shots off the pass (pass to yourself by throwing the ball out in front of you with back-spin)

  • Catch-and-pivot shots (face away from the basket, pass to yourself, pivot so you face the basket, and shoot)

  • Any combination of the above shots