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Intensity Shooting Drill

Develop your shooting stamina

This is a great drill for developing your stamina and working on your shot mechanics while you are tired.

It should be done after your warm up drills, or even at the end of your practice session to test yourself.

Here’s how to do it:

Pick several spots on the court where you’ll take your shots. You can mark the spots with cones or chairs. Or just know your favorite spots where you shoot in games.

After your first shot, grab the rebound, or grab the ball near the basket after your shot goes in, and then dribble at game speed to the half court line.

Then pivot and dribble at game speed to the next spot.

Keep doing this after each shot.

Go at game speed, but maintain your good shooting form and rhythm.

Variations of this drill could be…

  • dribble sprint to the end line at the opposite end of the court instead of just the half court line
  • you have to make all 7 shots in a row, if you miss any one, you have to start over