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Elbow Shooting Drill

Develop your mid-range shot off the dribble

This is a great drill for developing your mid-range shot off the dribble.

Here’s how to do it:

Start at half court and dribble at game speed to the elbow.

When you get to the elbow, make a quick move to either the inside or the outside and take a shot.

This move at the end just before you take the shot could be a crossover dribble, a double crossover dribble, a stutter step, etc.

After each shot, grab the rebound, or grab the ball near the basket after your shot goes in, and then dribble at game speed to the half court line.

Then while at half court, line up with the elbow on the other side and then dribble at game speed up to the elbow to make your next inside or outside move before taking the next shot.

Go at game speed, but maintain your good shooting form and rhythm.

Variations of this drill could be…

  • challenge yourself to make a certain number of shots in a row