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Elbow Shooting Drill 2

Develop your mid-range shot from the triple threat position

This is a great drill for developing your mid-range shot from the triple threat position.

It’s similar to the other Elbow Shooting Drill. Here’s how to do it:

Start at one of the elbows.

Make a quick move to either the inside or the outside and take a shot.

This move before you take the shot could be a jab step, a pump fake, a pass fake, etc.

After each shot, grab the rebound, or grab the ball near the basket after your shot goes in, and then go to the other elbow to do the same thing.

Go slow at first to focus on getting your footwork and pump fake or shot fake mechanics correctly.

As you progress, go at game speed, but maintain your good shooting form and rhythm.

Variations of this drill could be…

  • challenge yourself to make a certain number of shots in a row
  • spin the ball to yourself before you make your move