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Block Shooting Drill

Develop your bank shots up close

This is a great drill for developing your bank shot skills.

You can use this after your warm up drills, or can use it as part of your warm up drills.

Here’s how to do it:

Go down close to the block (the big painted block that separates the free throw rebounder closest to the rim on each side of the key).

Bank in your shot on one side, then grab the rebound and go to the opposite side to do the same thing.

Try to get a good rhythm as you do this but keep your good shooting form, whether you are doing set shots or jump shots.

Do this for a set number of minutes, or shoot for a total number made.

Variations of this drill could be…

  • the number of shots in a row you work up to (work to get to 10 in a row)
  • use a catch-and-pivot move (after you get the rebound from the net, spin the ball out on the other side so it comes back to you near the other block, then catch it, pivot around to face the hoop and shoot the bank shot)
  • use a dribble-and-pivot (after you get the rebound from the net, take a dribble on the other side and then spin and shoot the next bank shot)
  • do the drill a little farther outside the paint (about 7 feet away)