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Back and Forth Shooting Drill

Spot shooting drill

This drill is designed to develop rhythm, consistency, and concentration.

Starting at #1, when a basket is made, you move back to the next spot. When a shot is missed, you move forward to the previous spot (or stay at #1 until you make that first shot). The object is to get to the last spot (#15) with the least number of shots.

You can do different versions of this drill:

  • All jump shots

  • All shots off the dribble (at each spot, you must dribble before shooting)

  • All shots off the pass (pass to yourself by throwing the ball out in front of you with back-spin)

  • Catch-and-pivot shots (face away from the basket, pass to yourself, pivot so you face the basket, and shoot)

  • Any combination of the above shots

You can also spread out the spots on the floor to expand the range of shooting.  For example…Spot #1 is near the basket and Spot #5 is behind the 3-point line.