Basketball Shooting Drills

Floor Shooting Drill

This drill will get you to shoot the basketball with a form that is perfect for you. The main emphasis is to get the ball to feel good coming out of your hand. 

Bullseye Drill

Since shooting a basketball requires high levels of concentration and focus, it’s important that players can quickly switch from seeing the entire court to having a laser-like focus on the basket. 

The Westhead Drill

This combines real practice and visualization for helping you to become a better shooter. The combination of real shots and visualized shots and shots with your eyes closed will build muscle memory, so that when you are shooting in a game, it will be like a natural reflex.

Free Throw "Ace" Drill

Your routine should be one that has you totally focused on the moment. This drill will help you to block out the distractions (crowd noise, worrying about missing it) and help you get used to visualizing a successful shot every time you shoot .

Free Throw Action Drill

Since most free throws happen after a few minutes of running up and down the court in a game, it’s good to practice free throws when you are tired. Here's a great one for that.