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BullsEye Drill

Westhead Drill
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Free Throw "Ace"

Free Throw Drill 2





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Basketball Shooting Drills

Floor Shooting Drill
This is a great drill that helps to develop a shooter's touch on the pads of the hands and fingers. It's also good for developing a consistent shooting motion with your shooting arm as well as your follow-through.

BullsEye Drill
This drill is for developing concentration and focus.

Westhead Drill
A great drill for enhancing "muscle memory" through physical and mental practice.

Free Throw Drill
Having a reliable, consistent routine is essential for good foul shooting. Part of that routine should include the use of positive imagery. Here's a drill that'll help you to block out negative thoughts and distractions and to focus on "nuthin' but net".

Free Throw Drill 2 (Video)
Here's a great drill that'll help you develop game-condition free throw shooting. Since most free throws happen after a few minutes of running up and down the court in a game, it's good to practice free throws when you are tired.

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